Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

An old recipe favorite of mine is one I use from a dear lady whom I will never forget as well.   Jane was a head librarian at an Air Force base in the Houston, Texas area.

I was a young teen mother and I would habitually burn our grilled cheese sandwiches with ‘speedy meal’ in mind.  Jane was at my home one day when I was preparing a grilled cheese for lunchtime. That afternoon, she took over with her motherly skills and asked if I minded if she were to create the ‘best grilled cheese ever eaten’?’ for me.

I gladly gave over the pan and sat down to watch the magic of her cooking wizardry and the ingredients she drew together was :



Pepper Jack Cheese

American Yellow Cheese

White bread slices

A trick Jane told me was to have a ‘hot’ pan but not too hot.

She flicked a droplet of water and if the water drizzled then dried in the skillet it was a good heat to begin.  If the droplet would dance, the pan was too hot and the flame would be turned off and placed aside for a few minutes…only to begin again.

She would quickly butter one side of a slice and then, another slice of bread.  The tricky part is to lightly slather mayonnaise on the inside of the butter slices.

She would place the 2 buttered slices both face down in the pan and then take her spatula/butter knife and with quick swipes add a dollop of the mayo to each inside of the now, sizzling buttered bread.

Then with an efficient speed she would place a slice of the pepper jack cheese and then a slice of the American yellow cheese to slices, face up.  With even more skill and speed, she would grab the other 2 slices of white bread and this time put the mayo on each of the inside and then place a sandwich topper to the grilling parts of the sandwich.

Then finally a swipe of butter to the upper tops of white bread that were face up and voila, there she would flip the sandwiches over and by this time the golden brown was perfect to the grilled side.

Now, her hand would turn the heat from medium – low to near low at this point.  She would place a cover over the fry pan for oh about

1 – Mississippi – 2 – Mississippi – 3 into 10 Mississippi and with her southern drawl that could take about, oh 15 seconds.  She would then turn the heat off; take the lid off and one quick press with the grill spatula and then a diagonal slice to half the sandwiches; the cheeses would ooze and blend to a lovely creamy gold and I handed plates as she flipped each sandwich slice onto a plate that had chips and a pickle spear. 

Add iced – tea or any beverage and I believe you’ll enjoy one of the tastiest versions of a grilled cheese sandwich; certainly a tasty version you may not have tried yet.

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